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Questions asked by the tourists before booking cabs from Mysore to Coorg

How to book Cheapest cabs from Mysore to Madikeri?

Tata Indica taxis, starting from just Rs.9/- per km. can be booked Cab from Mysore to Coorg through just one call to +919900159499.

What is the price for a quality Taxi from Mysore to Madikeri?

The cost for Mysore to Coorg’s capital Madikeri in a Toyota Etios vehicle is Rs.10/- per km and one day cost is Rs.2800/-

How long does it take to reach Coorg from Mysore?

It takes one and half hours to reach Coorg Kushalnagar from Mysore city.

Does your driver have knowledge about Coorg?

We have reserved 15 coorgi drivers for the Mysore to Coorg tour. They are well aware of the local languages and places.

How many days does it take to watch Coorg?

It takes about 3 days and 2 nights to completely watch Coorg.

What are the vehicles available in your fleet?

We have a one-year-old Tata Indica, Toyota Etios, Chevrolet Tavera, Toyota Innova, Toyota Innova Crysta, Tempo traveler and minibusses including drivers are available in our fleet for the convenience of the travelers.

Which is the apt location to book the accommodation at Coorg?

We recommend Madikeri town because most of the tourist spots in Coorg are located adjoining to Madikeri.

Is the cab facility available from Mysore Airport to Coorg?

We have allocated 10 taxis at Mysore airport throughout 24 hours of the day. Coorg can be reached within two and half hours from mysore airport.

Do you provide pickup service if we hire a one-way cab?

Book ‘Coorg to Mysore one-way taxi before booking ‘Mysore to Coorg’ one-way taxi. And you will receive discounts.

How much will the toll and parking costs if we book the vehicle?

There are no toll roads from Mysore to any corner of Coorg. There will be only parking charges at tourist spots. It costs Rs.20/- to 30/- at each place.


If you are bored by spending time amidst cement buildings in the city and you are planning to spend some time in Coorg, you can enter the paradise on earth Coorg through ‘Mysore to Coorg one way taxi‘ easily with our luxury taxis. While getting one-way cabs from Mysore to any corner of Coorg, without any extra fare, the top 10 sightseeing places will be covered on the way and you will be dropped to the mentioned hotels or resorts. To cover the rest of the places local taxis of Coorg will be booked. Also on the day of your departure, the job of your pick up and dropping at your desired location or destination city will be done systematically.

Mysore to Coorg Hatchback Indica One Way Taxi


  • Up to 4 pax, 2 luggage bag(s)
  • 125 km included. After that ₹15/km
  • Minimum 4 Hours. After that Per Hrs ₹80/-
  • Parking Extra

Sedan Etios cab fare from Mysore to Coorg


  • Up to 4 pax, 4 luggage bag(s)
  • 125 km included. After that ₹17/km
  • Minimum 4 Hours. After that Per Hrs ₹90/-
  • Parking Extra

Mysore to Coorg one-way taxi SUV Innova fare


  • Up to 7 pax, 6 luggage bag(s)
  • 125 km included. After that ₹25/km
  • Minimum 4 Hours. After that Per Hrs ₹100/-
  • Parking Extra


  1. Bylukuppe 2. Golden Temple 3. Cauvery Nisarghadhama 4. Dubare elephant camp 5. chiklihole 6. harangi dam 7. abbi falls 8. omkareshwara temple 9. Raja’s Seat and 10 Madikeri fort

Details of Precautionary measures of covid 19 at Mysore and Coorg

Q. What is the situation of COVID-19 at Madikeri?

A. Due to the decrease in the number of covid cases in Madikeri, weekend lockdown has been revoked and night curfew is still in force.

Q. Is RTPCR required while traveling from Mysore to Coorg?

A. District administration has ordered that apart from Kerala state travelers RTPCR is not required for any other tourists of India.

Q. Are all the tourist spots at Coorg open to visit?

A. All the tourist spots at Coorg are open to visit like before. They are being maintained with utmost cleanliness and essential precautions.

Q. Is there night curfew and weekend curfew in force?

A. No weekend curfew has been enforced either in Coorg or Mysore. But a night curfew is imposed after 9 pm. It will be in force till 5 am. There will not be any trouble for the tourists because of this.

Q. Will there be covid testing at check posts en route to Coorg from Mysore?

A. Cases of covid at Coorg are low, therefore there are no check posts on the way. And tourists will not be tested for covid 19.

Q. Are your staff and drivers vaccinated with the 2nd dosage?

A. Our staff and drivers are already vaccinated with the 2nd dose. Those who are not vaccinated will not be allocated for the duty.

Q.What are your safety precautions for the vehicle we are traveling?

A. Before allocating the vehicle and after the trip, the vehicle will be sanitized thoroughly. It will also be overseen that the driver wears face masks and hand gloves.

Q. Is there 50% to travel from Mysore to Coorg?

A. There are no restrictions of such kind. Travelling can be done with 100% capacity.

Q. When we get down at Mysore to travel from Mysore to Coorg, will there be covid testing at Railway station or airport?

A. There are no such regulations of any kind. If there is anything we will inform you about that beforehand.

Q. Is the 2nd dose of vaccination necessary to travel from Mysore to Coorg?

A. Even though it is not mandatory, for the sake of our own safety we have to get vaccinated with 2nd dose. Mysore to Coorg cab booking will not be taken compulsorily if 2nd dose vaccination is not done.

Tempo Traveller From Mysore to Coorg

Mysore To Coorg Tempo Traveller

Group travel is different from family tours. That too, while undertaking a group tour from Mysore to Coorg 12 seater tempo traveller vehicle will be chosen. Just after getting down at Mysore people buy snacks, beer bottles and load inside the vehicle. And then they start travelling with their favorite songs in the pen drive. We have installed modern stereo in our vehicle with a lot of care. Each individual will spend their vacation days with new experiences. No one will forget to dance to our subwoofer sound. Apart from that, we have designed our vehicle so that everyone will appreciate it. In group travel, everyone’s thoughts will be different. Our drivers and our team will adjust accordingly to the thoughts of the tourists. Hence most of the tempo travelers in Mysore will be booked with us only.

Just to make your group travel more enthusiastic we have tempo traveler packages from one day to four-five days, which you can customize according to wherever you want.

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Cab Packages From Mysore to Coorg

Mysore to Coorg One Day Indica

Cost : Rs. 3200/-
Cost : Rs. 2800/-
Per Day Minimum 250Km’s
Driver Charge- 300/-
Parking Extra

Mysore to Coorg One Day Etios

Cost : Rs. 3600/-
Cost : Rs. 3200/-
Per Day Minimum 250Km’s
Driver Charge- 300/-
Parking Extra

Mysore Coorg Innova One Day

Cost : Rs. 4200/-
Cost : Rs. 3800/-
Per Day Minimum 250Km’s
Driver Charge- 300/-
Parking Extra

Mysore to Coorg For Couple

Tata Indica
2 Nights  3 Days
Cost : Rs. 12,500/-

Mysore to Coorg Family Trip

Toyota Etios
2 Nights  3 Days
Cost : Rs. 9,500/-

Mysore To Coorg Luxury Package

Toyota Innova
2 Nights  3 Days
Cost : Rs. 12,500/-

Mysore To Coorg Group Package

Tempo Traveller
2 Nights  3 Days
Cost : Rs. 17,500/-